Township Board to Consider Pay Hikes

Board to consider first raises in 7 years.

Photo Credit: Courtesy Photo
Photo Credit: Courtesy Photo

The Macomb Township Board of Trustees will consider a proposal to raise elected officials' salaries for the first time in seven years, according to a Macomb Daily report.

The proposal would raise salaries by as much as 16 percent, according to the report. The board will consider the agenda item at its Jan. 22 meeting. 

According to the report, the proposal includes the following raises:

  • Supervisor, $90,000, a 14 percent increase
  • Clerk, $85,000, a 16 percent increase
  • Treasurer, $80,000, a 10 percent increase
  • Part-time trustees, $9,000, plus $200 for each meeting attended, an increase from from $8,330 and $125 per meeting
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Frank Cusumano January 10, 2014 at 12:40 PM
Does this sound fair to you? The pay increases are passed around like free drinks at a bar. First, it's one, then another. Then the rest start to say, well everyone else got one, so "to be consistent," I should get one too. It happened at the Macomb Community College. In January 2013 the Board voted to raise tuition and fees 9.7% on students. Then the collective bargaining unit contracts got reopened and extended (to thwart RTW implementation) with pay increases, reinstatement of step pay (up to 3.5% per year) increases, increased health insurance, optical, dental, long term and short term disability benefits (Mar. 19, 2013). Then came the administrators union. (Apr. 2013). They needed pay increases as well. Then came the non-bargaining units pay raises all around. And then came the President. To be "consistent" he got one too. It was quite the love-fest. Only Trustee DeSantis and Trustee Cusumano voted "NO." Meanwhile students are taking 6.79 years to complete a 2 year degree program. A client of mine is 5 credits short of graduation at the College, and sells herself as a dancer at a strip bar to pay her bills. Yes, money taken from students (and citizens) comes from somewhere. NOTHING IS FREE. I cannot support any pay increases at the College or any level of government until data (US Census Bureau or Bureau of Economic Analysis) indicates a recovery in median household incomes from the 28% decline (negative $385 per week per household) in Macomb County. Between 2000 and 2010 that was the decline in income to our citizens' per household. Granted, Macomb Township has fared better than most local governments. So, if you think your taxes are fair and low, then support this. If not, tell them to wait, like the rest of us, for the recovery to take hold and "trickle down." Because, once they start taking pay raises, everyone will get them.


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