Dinner is Served! Henry Ford Now Delivering Health-Friendly Meals to Guests, Patients

The Henry Ford Health System has completely revamped its menu with low-calorie, low-fat options.

Your meal is served. And it's a lot healthier, that is, if you're eating at a Henry Ford Health System location.

Since last year, Henry Ford has removed over 13,500 pounds of fat from its menus across the area. According to the company, that's the equivalent of six one-ton pickup trucks.

By getting rid of deep fryers and fry shortening, excess fat and calories were knocked off the menu and leaner meats were added instead. Not only has this trimmed the fat, it has cut costs - $28,000 to be exact.

Now, thousands of Henry Ford employees, patients and guests are eating healthier meals, prepared using local produce, dairy and other ingredients. Patients with medical conditions receive specialized meals that they personally select off a menu which are then delivered to their room.

While convenient for patients, the enhancement has reduced food waste as patients are eating their food of preference at no additional cost to the hospital or themselves. Additionally, Henry Ford West Bloomfield recently opened a greenhouse that is growing a variety of produce for its own meal preparation, and soon plans to distribute the food to the other hospital locations.

For more information on Henry Ford’s wellness programs, visit www.henryfordlivewell.com


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