Township Works to Expand Access to Macomb Academy for Special Needs Adults

The charter school, located in Clinton Township, offers employment and daily living skills to developmentally disabled adults, ages 18-26.

The Macomb Academy charter school has gained attention lately in Macomb Township, with trustees meeting recently to discuss expanding SMART bus schedules to accommodate the approximately 15 students who live within the township. 

But, what exactly is the Macomb Academy? The academy is a charter school for developmentally disabled adults, ages 18-26. Students attending the center, located on Garfield at 17 Mile Road in Clinton Township, learn basic daily living (cooking, banking, personal safety, organization, clothing care, etc), personal social, and employment skills.

Staff take students off-site for job coaching, and to stores, laundromats, recycling centers, etc. for hands-on learning experiences. In addition, students work part-time for pay while still attending school. Students spend half the day in classes and the other half at a training site. 

The school not only serves Macomb Township and other Macomb County residents, but students from as far away as St. Clair and Wayne counties. Staff includes teachers, job coaches, and assistants. “We strive to challenge each student and provide new experiences to learn and grow,” the website reads. 

Students are required to apply for a SMART bus card for travel to and from the academy and to off-site locations. 

Township officials are currently working with SMART to design routes to transport the Macomb Academy students efficiently.


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