Local Man Set To Appear on WDIV’s “Minds of Medicine” Show

Dan Dubeau’s story featured on program that will air Dec. 5 at 8 p.m.

Dan Dubeau, a Macomb Township resident, is set to be featured on the Dec. 5 “Minds of Medicine: Innovating by Heart” show, which airs at 8 p.m. on WDIV (channel 4). 

Dubeau is one of three patients sharing their story with the medical program. The program gives a behind-the-scenes view as physicians at four Henry Ford hospitals address challenging heart conditions.

After Dubeau developed a cough and weakness while on the golf course, his doctor diagnosed a leak in his heart’s mitral valve, which controls the blood flow into the heart from the lungs. He had robotic heart surgery at Henry Ford Macomb Hospital in Clinton Township.

Through five incisions, the robot gives Steven Harrington, M.D., medical director, Heart and Vascular Institute, a three-dimensional view inside the body. From a console in the operating room, the surgeon repaired the defective mitral valve with the aid of robotic instruments.

“Ten days after the procedure, I played nine holes of golf,” Dubeau said. “And I was back to work in three weeks. I had this procedure to improve my life, not to put it on hold.”


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