Patch's Summer Milk Shake Tour: Potbelly Sandwich Shop

We head outside the ice-cream box this week to try something a little unexpected.

I, Macomb Patch Editor Jenny Whalen, am throwing caution–and waistline–to the wind to identify the creamiest, frothiest and most flavorful shakes made around town.

For a quick refresher on how these shakes are rated: Presentation, Froth Factor, Toppings and Mmm (which judges the shake on a scale of 1-Quite satisfying, 2-Yum ..., 3-You're welcome taste buds, 4-Let's do that again! and 5-Holy shakes, Batman!).

Location: 17673 Hall Rd., Macomb, MI 48044

Shake: Old-fashioned chocolate. Hand-dipped vanilla ice cream is mixed with Hershey's chocolate syrup and whole milk for this soda shop favorite.

Presentation: The glass isn't fancy, in fact it's just a paper cup, but how many hand-dipped milkshakes sport mini butter cookies on the straw? These flower-shaped minis give these shakes extra fun, if not extra flavor. 

Froth Factor: Give the shake 30-45 seconds in room temperature and the frothing begins. Made with an ice-cream base, as this shake begins to melt, its cream component leaves behind a lip-smacking-good froth.

Toppings: Nada. Potbelly offers its shakes au naturel. Without whip, drizzle, sprinkles or heaven knows what else, this shake stands alone on its taste.

Mmm: 3-You're welcome taste buds. This shake is so thick to start that you almost pass out trying to take the first sip through the straw. But once melting commences, this shake is sipped in three minutes or less.

Potbelly also offers shakes in vanilla, strawberry, banana, pineapple-coconut, boysenberry, coffee, mocha, Oreo and dreamsickle. You can add a banana to any shake for 50 cents.

These shakes are $2.80 each and always available.

Kristen Skladd June 19, 2011 at 01:06 PM
Yum! I have actually never been to Potbelly... but this really seals the deal on making me want to go.


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