Letter writer: “The Republican majority seems hellbent on destroying the last bit of (worker) protection."

Gary E. Cynowa urges Michiganders to let legislators know they they support workers.

Just prior to the November 6th elections, I attended one of Governor Snyder's town hall meetings at Penna's in Sterling Heights.  He spoke to opposing all of the constitutional amendments.  His reasons for opposing Proposal 2 were that it was not necessary because state law protected collective bargaining and some federal laws did too.  He said "right-to-work" was too divisive and not on his agenda.

Now, right after the election ended and Proposal failed, I have heard the most disturbing news that Republican state legislators are proposing to pass new laws to take away collective bargaining rights from unionized employees and their rights to process dues to help pay for fair representation in the workplace.  Despite the urging of the Chamber of Commerce and the Governor and the fact that even 55% of those who voted against Proposal 2 still supported the right of employees to collectively bargain,the Republican majority seems hellbent on destroying the last bit of protection that employees still have available to them.

These attacks on middle-class working families have nothing to do with creating more jobs and a better economy in Michigan, and everything to do with punishing our citizens who did not support some of them in the last election.  This mean-spirited war against the working residents of Michigan needs to end now, and these legislators should withdraw every proposed bill that seeks to take away our basic rights as workers to seek a voice in the workplace and the ability to bargain for a better livelihood for the vast majority of Michiganders.  Please contact your legislator and let him or her know that you support workers in Michigan and are opposed to such destructive tactics.

Gary E. Cynowa 

Macomb Township 

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