Letter to the Editor: Trump's Latest Challenge to Obama is 'Vain Attempt' to Grab Attention for Romney

Patch reader Connie Cuellar argues that Donald Trump's Oct. 24 challenge to President Obama to turn over his personal records in exchange for a charitable donation is a "ploy to irk the president and knock him off his game."

To the Editor:

On October 24, 2012, Donald Trump challenged President Obama to turn over his personal college records and passport applications in exchange for a $5 million donation to the charity of his choice.

If Trump had said he would shave his hair, his undulating coiffure, his unlikely-locks that oddly mesmerize the unsuspecting passer-by, I’m sure the President might actually consider releasing his personal, private information. That, however, is unlikely to happen. So, as a consolation prize, I would like to tell Mr. Trump I’d be happy to provide him with my college records and passport application if he’ll shave his head. After all, neither my nor President Obama’s records matter at all in the scenario I like to call reality. Barack Obama is the President of the United States, not a schmuck.

This latest brouhaha, however, isn’t really about proving records. Trump’s true intention, in my opinion, is not to prove some bizarre conspiracy theory, nor is it a grand gesture of altruism. It’s just another vain attempt to run interference for Mitt Romney and to grab some attention in the last weeks before the election. That's it. He has no intention of giving that money to charity because he knows it will never happen. It's just a ploy to irk the president and knock him off his game.

Trump should take my offer. Shave that head. Then maybe he can turn his attention away from our Commander in Chief and turn it towards something more important, like where's Mitt Romney's tax returns?

Connie Cuellar


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