Stolen Sunglasses Lead to Mt. Clemens Man's Arrest in Macomb

Photo Credit: Patch File Photo.
Photo Credit: Patch File Photo.
Macomb Sheriff's Deputies responded Jan. 13 to the 48000 block of Tanglewood for a report of a person suspected of trying to gain entry into several vehicles.

According to the department, the called described the suspect as dressed all in black, with a backpack on and pulling on car door handles. 

Deputies were able to spot the man as he walked in the middle of Bedford Valley Drive and searched the man and found a pair of Oakley sunglasses in his pocket. When deputies asked for identification, the man provided a false name, but deputies recognized the man from a previous incident, the department indicated, and determined his actual name and found he had an outstanding bench warrant for his arrest.

Additional deputies checked vehicles in the area and were able to find an unlocked Chevy Impala from which the Oakley sunglasses were taken. Deputies arrested the man, a 27-year-old Mt. Clemens resident, and charged him with breaking and entering an auto and receiving and concealing stolen property.


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