Driver, 3-Year-Old Involved in 23 Mile and Hayes Crash Die

The driver of a vehicle that ran a red light last night at 23 Mile Road and Hayes, hitting a minivan carrying a family of five, has passed away. A 3-year-old child passenger in the minivan has also died.

A 3-year-old passenger and the female driver of a vehicle involved in a crash Monday night on 23 Mile Road have passed away, according the the Shelby Township police.

The crash, which occurred around 8:45 p.m. at the intersection of 23 Mile and Hayes roads sent all six people involved, including three children, to the hospital.

Police said the woman who died was driving an Oldsmobile west on 23 Mile Road when she ran a red light and hit a minivan traveling south on Hayes Road. There were five people in the minivan, an adult male and female and three children.

Doug Goad, owner of the Corner Clock Restaurant at the corner of 23 and Hayes, said he was serving dinner when patrons in the restaurant screamed after witnessesing the crash.

Goad said he called 911, and ran out to help. The father of the children climbed back into the van and handed the 3-year-old out the window to people on the streets, he said.

Goad, , said he and a nurse on scene tried to resuscitate the child until paramedics arrived. 

"We laid her down on the grass, and the nurse started pumping her chest to get blood flow back, and she asked me to give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and she came back a few times," he said choking back tears.

The child's mother was trapped in the front of the vehicle and had to be extracited by the Jaws of Life, according to Goad.

Meanwhile, people at the scene worked to free the driver of the Oldsmobile from the vehicle until police arrived.

Police have not released the names of the driver of the victims in the crash until all family has been notified.

Shelby Township Police Chief Roland Woelkers did say the child is from Macomb Township and the driver who died was from Sterling Heights.

Woelkers told Patch the other children and one adult were treated and released from the hospital. The mother of the three children remains hospitalized.

Preliminary investigations reveal the female driver who died may have been drinking, Woelkers said.

The intersection was re-opened several hours after the crash.

This accident is currently under investigation, and anyone who may have witnessed it is asked to call the Shelby Township Police Department at 586-731-2121.

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Just my opinion July 17, 2012 at 01:17 AM
Grieving too..... Not sure what nastiness you might be referring to?? Just wanted to clear up the repeated confusion about the legitimacy of the drunken state the killer was in. And really did you just mention the purchase of a new vehicle!?! Are you kidding me!!?? Like its just another sunny day and maybe the family might like to go get a new van! This just demonstrates the clear lack of intelligence and "think before you speak "mentality. And further there is no "fun " here and if it's fun you're having there are places for you to be admitted. Keeping people on point and keeping the focus on drunk driving and the person who did it is my issue. She doesn't get off becasue she took the easy way out and killed herself in the process. So while I'm busy being angry you can bet all the focus is going to be on mizz DB. Don't think I'm bluffing on the name. I'll leave the whole name up to other people. In the meantime keep talking because I have a lot to say about impaired (alcoholic, narcotic, psychotic) beg a dr, buy it off the streets, get it from a bartender AND GET IN A VEHICLE and DRIVE killers!
Just my opinion July 17, 2012 at 06:30 PM
A "remarkable" person because she didn't seek help for her multitude of issues!! Had she sought help for her issues she may not have went on a murderous drive in a vehicle on June 25! Remarkable and DB in the same sentence makes me sick! and the people that knew her shouldnt be shocked at all....or you really couldn't have known her as well as you claim now could you?? . What a bunch of great friends and family that someone didn't intervene long before she dug herself an early grave and took a little girl with her. So yes that easily makes all of you guilty for not reining in that self destructive behavior before it injured someone else. If you truly know and love someone it's very easy to recognize. There is absolutely nothing "remarkable" about this dead woman or any of you associated with her. What would have been remarkable is if one of you who claim to have known her so well would have gotten her some help.....apparently 40 yrs ago! What a train wreck of a life...
Marina Cracchiolo July 17, 2012 at 07:50 PM
Please be respectful to each other on this forum. Patch is a place where the community can engage in conversation and everyone is allowed to express their opinion, so long it doesn't violate the terms of use, which include no name calling, swearing or slander. Comments that are not in line with Patch's terms of use will be deleted. Thank you, Marina.
Sammy V. September 15, 2012 at 02:43 PM
There is way too much drinking and driving around here.
carmen miskeley January 09, 2013 at 02:49 AM
My prayers and thoughts are never going to be with the families of this driver who inflicted so much pain and suffering on my cousins family. THE roads are crazy enough out there without these kind of sick people on them! PLEASE pray and support the victims family and this i ask you in the name oh the Father, Holy Father in Heaven and may God look out and confort you all in the years ahead! ALL My Love CARMEN


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