Chamber Rates Macomb Township Commissioner, State Rep Candidates

Using questionnaires and in-person interviews, the Macomb County Chamber of Commerce has rated the qualifications of candidates looking to represent Macomb Township as county commissioners and in Lansing.

A recent rating from the Macomb County Chamber of Commerce favors the incumbents in the county commissioner and state representative races for Macomb Township.

These findings, and others, appear in the chamber's newly released evaluation of candidates running in the Nov. 6 general election, and includes ratings for those in the races for Macomb County sheriff, prosecuting attorney, clerk and treasurer.

"This process is not about party affiliation," said Grace Shore, Chamber CEO, in a statement. "Our committee looks for pro-business candidates with the skill set and innovation to move our state and county forward."

The ratings for Clinton Township's District 7 and 13 commissioner candidates and District 33 state representatives are as follows:

District 9

  • Incumbent Commissioner Fred Miller (D) – Well qualified
  • Juliana Sabatini (R) – Qualified

District 13

  • Incumbent Commissioner Joe Sabatini (R) – Well qualified
  • Jonathan Garstka (D) – Qualified

District 33 - State Representative

  • Incumbent State Rep. Ken Goike (R) – Well qualified, Preferred
  • Martha O'Kray (D) – Not evaluated

The ratings are based on an interview and/or questionnaire sent to all county and state candidates each election cycle. In the questionnaire portion, candidates are asked to share their knowledge of issues relating to economic development, business environment and the future of Macomb County, while interviews are conducted with members of the Chamber’s Public Policy Committee and Board of Directors.

Only those candidates who respond to the questionnaire or take part in the interviews are given a rating.

Ratings were also released for sheriff, prosecutor, clerk and treasurer candidates:

Macomb County Sheriff

  • Incumbent Sheriff Anthony Wickersham (D) – Well qualified, Preferred
  • Steve Thomas (R) – Qualified

Macomb County Prosecutor

  • Incumbent Prosecutor Eric Smith (D) – Well qualified, Preferred
  • Michael Wrathell (R) – Not qualified

Macomb County Clerk

  • Incumbent Clerk Carmella Sabaugh (D) – Well qualified, Preferred
  • Debera Guenther (R) – Qualified

Macomb County Treasurer

  • Incumbent Treasurer Ted Wahby (D) – Well qualified, Preferred
  • Larry Rocca (R) – Qualified

The chamber does not release candidate answers to the questionnaires.

Kevin Karwowicz October 05, 2012 at 01:27 PM
Chamber of Commerce for lead by Grace Shore since 1991. So you are judging these candidates based on your experience for pro business development? Let me ask this in 1991 how many new business's have you brought in since 1991? Did we lose? In 1991 times were good, counties weren't broke, and police, fire, and teachers were happy, and chamber was strong? Didn't you have a 10, 20, 30 year plan? Obviously not, why? Prime example of book smart leaders, versus business smart or what we call the real world people. I'm glad no one takes you and the chamber seriously. Many candidates do not even respond to your questionnaires knowing you only do what your told from our current county elected officials. Correct me, but of all these endorsements has any one of them ran their own successful business, and succeeded?
HappyVoter October 09, 2012 at 03:02 PM
Kevin, have you?


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