Failed Macomb Community College Bond Proposal Narrowly Passes in Macomb Township

Macomb County on the whole rejected the proposal, but Macomb Township voters actually passed the bond by a margin of 349 votes. Voters also renewed the township's police protection millage.

With 47.1 percent of county voters in favor of the Macomb Community College bond, the $56-million proposal very nearly passed on the county level and did pass by a margin of just 349 votes in Macomb Township.

However, despite 16,771 Macomb Township voters casting ballots Tuesday in favor of the proposal, the bond failed by more than 20,000 votes in Macomb County.

“We’re obviously disappointed in the results of the election,” said Dr. James Jacobs, Macomb Community College president, in a prepared statement. “But we also understand the longstanding economic challenges that Macomb County residents are still weathering, which we suspect may have factored into reluctance to fund even a very small tax increase with a short time limit."

The proposal asked Macomb County voters to authorize up to $56 million in bond sales to preserve and update the college’s facilities and technology. Per the proposal, the bonds were to be sold in a series to cover the expense of renovating and updating the college's infrastructure and technology.

As much of the college was built more than four decades ago, MCC officials have said significant renovations are needed to make necessary technology upgrades, increase accessibility as mandated by current standards, including the Americans with Disabilities Act, and improve building operational efficiency through modern heating and cooling, plumbing and lighting systems.

Although the proposal failed, Jacobs said, "Macomb is committed to providing meaningful career training and transfer opportunities, and we will continue to do the best with the resources we have."

Macomb Community College’s Board of Trustees, which includes recently re-elected Joseph DeSantis and Roseanne DiMaria, as well as newly elected Frank Cusumano of Macomb Township, will evaluate the results of the election and determine any necessary next steps.

Township renews police protection millage

Weighing in on another local proposal, 66.9 percent of Macomb Township residents voted to renew the township's police protection millage, which covers the cost of law enforcement services from the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office.

Macomb Township contracts its police services to the sheriff for approximately $3.1 million a year.

This 1.0601 annual millage is due to remain in effect until Dec. 31, 2030. 


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