New Kiosk Will Allow Residents to Pay Bills by Credit Card at Town Hall

When the township re-opens in 2012, a new touch-screen kiosk will be in place to allow residents to pay their taxes and assessing fees by credit card at Town Hall.

That taxes and assessing fees cannot be paid by credit card at has proven a surprise and inconvenience to more than a few residents over the years.

However, come 2012, the township plans to provide a solution to this problem in the form of a touch-screen kiosk.

Mounted on one of the walls in the township's front hall, the kiosk will feature a touch-screen computer with online access to the township and county's respective bill pay websites. 

Currently, the treasurer's office cannot process credit card payments on site, even though residents can use their credit card to pay online.

"Many times people come to Town Hall thinking they can pay here with their credit card and it doesn't work that way," said Supervisor Mark Grabow. "This opportunity allows them to do that."

The kiosk, which is expected to cost the township around $800, should be installed and operational by the first of the year.


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