Paving of 24 Mile Between Card and North Avenue Expected to Start Mid-July

The Macomb County Department of Roads told Macomb Township that crews should be able to finish paving this section of 24 Mile Road before reconstruction closes the 23 Mile Road bridge, west of North Avenue.

Paving work on 24 Mile Road between Card and North Avenue could begin as early as mid-July, Macomb Township Clerk Michael Koehs said earlier this week.

With the Macomb County Department of Roads planning to close the 23 Mile Road bridge, west of North Avenue, in August, drivers will have to detour two miles down to 21 Mile, or three miles up to 26 Mile to reach a paved road.

Knowing that many drivers would opt to take an unpaved 24 Mile rather than travel out of their way to one of the official detours, that 24 Mile Road between Card and North Avenue be paved before the bridge closure in an effort to accommodate the anticipated increase in traffic.

Macomb Township officials approved the plan and set aside $803,492 for the project. The county is expected to credit the township its portion of the cost, approximately $321,397, toward a future project in Macomb.

The Department of Roads told Koehs earlier this week that the project is expected to begin in mid-July and work should be finished before Labor Day and prior to closure of the 23 Mile Road bridge.

Jenny Whalen July 02, 2012 at 01:09 PM
Will a "paved" 24 Mile help you in your commute?


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