Trustee Candidate Dino Bucci Talks Taxes, Public Safety and Board Transparency

Macomb Patch recently spoke with Dino Bucci to learn more about the Macomb Township resident who is hoping to win re-election as a township trustee.

A 14-year resident of Macomb Township, Dino Bucci is running for re-election to his fourth term as a township trustee.

Bucci, 53, is one of seven Republican candidates vying for the township's four trustee posts.

The operations manager of engineering for the Macomb County Public Works Commission, Bucci is a member of the Kiwanis Club, Italian-American Cultural Center and Alhambra Sancho Caravan No. 261, an organization of Catholic men dedicated to the aid of the developmentally disabled.

The father of two, Bucci volunteers for Macomb Mustang Youth Football, St. Mary Church and School, , American Heart Association and Henry Ford Macomb Hospital.

Macomb Patch recently spoke with Bucci to learn more about the resident looking to win re-election as a township trustee.

Patch: What led you to run for the post of trustee initially?

Bucci: I wanted to contribute my time and energies to improve Macomb Township as a place to live and work. 

Patch: Why have you decided to run for re-election? What do you enjoy about the post?

Bucci: Working with other Township officials, I have seen progress in township government and helped to maintain a high level of services with a low tax rate. I want to continue the progress.

Patch: What changes or improvements do you intend to make if re-elected?

Bucci: If re-elected, I am going to continue to work with other township officials on improving services while keeping township taxes low.

Patch: Of what personal and professional accomplishments are you most proud?

Bucci: Of course, on a personal level, I am proud of my family. We are a very cohesive, community-oriented family that loves living in Macomb Township.

On a professional level, I am proud of our Community Center, public safety improvements and our township's reputation for prompt, friendly and efficient service to taxpayers.

Patch: Is there one individual who has been most influential in your life?

Bucci: My father will always be an inspirational figure to me. He taught me the vital importance of family values, hard work, community involvement, and respect for our nation's ideals.

Patch: What are key ways Macomb residents can make a difference locally?

Bucci: I want to get our township residents more involved in the decision-making process by focusing on an open, transparent township government.

Patch: What do you like most about the Macomb Township community?

Bucci: I like the people of Macomb Township. They are honest, hard-working and have strong family values. I like the clean and safe neighborhoods and the many amenities that the Township offers.

Patch: What are your hobbies, or interests?

Bucci: Golfing with my sons, attending my sons' football games and attending/volunteering at school functions.

Macomb Patch intends to interview all candidates with ties to, or oversight of Macomb Township. Additional race information is available in our Election 2012 guide.

Shannon July 28, 2012 at 01:57 PM
On the continuing issue of integrity, judge a person by who supports them. Take a look at the County Clerk's Election Department website (http://campaignfinance.macombcountymi.gov/). For contributions to Mr. Koehs: 1 of 13 contributors are Township residents, the rest are vendors to the Township. For Mrs. Goodhue, our Treasurer: the three banks that the Township deals with are her contributors, Huntington, Comerica and Flagstar (via their PACs). The winner is Mr. Bucci: $17,475 in contributions, with the majority from individuals associated with engineering firms that are paid to review Township projects (Spalding Dedecker, Giffels and our Township staff engineer.) Makes me wonder if the "status quo" in Macomb is similar to the "status quo" by Mr. Ficano's Wayne County? Is this "business friendly," as referenced by Ms. Shore of the Chamber, keeping friends in position to continue to do work for the Township and receive contributions from them?
Billy Shears July 28, 2012 at 03:26 PM
Shannon, Mr. Ficano, really? FYI, 42 of 66 contibutions to Ms. Imbronone came from non residents. one third of Mr. Christ's money came from Matty Moroun and Mr. Grabow wasn't even smart enough to file on time, so theres nothing to view. Three of the candidates, have sued the Twp. numerous times and clearly have an ax to grind. This is who you want running our Twp? If Grabow and Imbronone get in, then it's welcome to Detroit North. Macomb Twp. will be up for sale. All business will have to go through John Johnson, and everyone knows how ethical he is.
your babys mama July 28, 2012 at 09:37 PM
Dino. How's Vinnie?
John M August 07, 2012 at 07:10 PM
They should have asked him: How were you so successful in your campaign fundraising? Well.... Easy. You throw tons of township money to engineering firms, lawyers, cement contractors, printers, building maintenance jobs for friends, etc. Then, put out your hand for donations to your fund at election time. (Keep reading) But, that can't be..what about the 3 bid rule the township has? Construction type work has to be put out on MITN. Well,c ircumvent the Township's "3 bid rule" by bringing it to a vote at bill payment time in conjunction with your buddies on the board. Just say "We use this particular contractor for this type of work all the time because they do SUCH a good job." Now, others cannot bid the inflated jobs given to the "buddies" because no bids are taken. Who cares about MITN, right? If anyone complains, make 'em an offer they can't refuse.


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