Trustee Candidate Roger Krzeminski Talks Experience, Park Development and Volunteerism

Macomb Patch recently spoke with Roger Krzeminski to learn more about the Macomb Township resident who is hoping to win re-election as a township trustee.

A 34-year Macomb Township resident, Roger Krzeminski is running for re-election as a township trustee, a position he has held periodically since 1980.

Krzeminski, 71, is one of seven Republican candidates vying for the township's four trustee posts.

A retired Chrysler controller, Krzeminski served four years in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War. He is an active member of the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 154, American Legion Post 4, Polish Legion American Veterans (PLAV) Post 169 and Navy Mine Sweeper Ocean Association (NMSOA).

First elected as a township trustee in 1980, he has served five full terms in that seat.

The father of two and grandfather of four, Krzeminski is also involved with the , American Polish Century Club (APCC), St. Isidore Knights of Columbus and Tennessee Squire Association.

Macomb Patch recently spoke with Krzeminski to learn more about the resident looking to win re-election as a township trustee.

Patch: What led you to run for the post of trustee initially?

Krzeminski: I wanted to know how my tax dollars were being spent. I thought that I could make a difference because of my financial background. I also enjoyed giving back to the community.

Patch: Why have you decided to run for re-election? What do you enjoy about the post?

Krzeminski: I see the Township still in a growing stage. I would still like to continue to be part of that process. The residents expect the Board to continually update the amenities that we provide and improve them. What I enjoy about the job is when residents approach you and compliment you regarding a decision made by the Board.

Patch: What changes or improvements do you intend to make if re-elected?

Krzeminski: I as a Trustee can not make singular changes or improvements. What I can do is suggest an idea to the three full time officials and departments. If the consideration of the issue will benefit the residents and if research supports that, a presentation will be made to the Board. As a member of the Board I am able to vote at that time.   

Patch: Of what personal and professional accomplishments are you most proud?

Krzeminski: To be able to be a part of the various committees and boards. Working as a team to accomplish the task of the group for the Township. We did the work for the betterment of the Community. We analyzed what our full time officials and department managers presented and passed motions to make decisions. The increase in census numbers of the 1980's of 14,230, 1990 - 22,714, 2000 - 50,480 and 2010 - 79,580 show the interest of the residents that moved into the Township. That in itself is very rewarding. We are doing something right.

Patch: Is there one individual who has been most influential in your life?

Krzeminski: I must say it has been my wife Gloria and my children Erica and Roger. Gloria has been my pillar of strength through the years that I have dedicated to public service. My children also for understanding why I might be late for some of their events through the years. My family has allowed me to fulfill my dreams.

Patch: What are key ways Macomb residents can make a difference locally?

Krzeminski: To get involved in your community. Volunteer at various venues whether it being your church, community foundations, sports team and your township parks and recreation facilities.

Patch: What do you like most about the Macomb Township community?

Krzeminski: Everything. In the 80's we were a farming community with only 14,230 residents. We had no parks and recreation department. Our fire department worked out of one fire hall on 23 Mile. Now in 2012 we have 79,580 residents. This Township has done something right! We have the best parks and recreation in the county. We have 4 fully staffed fire stations with personnel and apparatuses. We have Macomb County Sheriff patrolling our Township. We are developing as one the best Townships in the State. We even had our own "Michigan State Township Association" declare, if you want to develop a Township properly, follow the path that Macomb Township has taken. Our rainy day fund is $29 million in the black.   

Patch: Do you have a favorite place in Macomb?

Krzeminski: The Parks system that the Board has developed. I would love to see expansion in those Parks and acquiring additional park land in different areas of the Township.   

Patch: What are your hobbies, or interests?

Krzeminski: Hobbies per say I don't have. I enjoy a variety of things as, playing golf when I can, collecting "Coke memorabilia", volunteering at the Parks and Recreation when the occasion arises. I am a Director of the Macomb Township Community Foundation and we raise funds to beautify the Township and give away scholarships to Macomb Township students every May. When I am able, I do Military Funerals with the Honor Guard of the Vietnam Veterans Group 154.

Macomb Patch intends to interview all candidates with ties to, or oversight of Macomb Township. Come back Saturday as we profile another trustee candidate. All candidate interviews and election information is available in our Election 2012 guide.

John M August 07, 2012 at 06:21 PM
Four fully staffed stations, Roger? Really?! Mon-Fri from 8am-5pm..and not on holidays....with 2 people each. More shockingly, outside of those times, you have only 2 FIREFIGHTERS on duty for the ENTIRE TOWNSHIP of 36 square miles!!! Obviously you don't know much about the Township you have been trusted to sit on a board for your 5 terms in office. It's o.k....brush this under the rug because most residents don't know about this; then you can lie and tell everyone about the 4 "fully staffed" stations. "911, what's you're emergency?" There is a power line that fell on my roof and the house is starting to burn! "When the 2 guys we have are done with that other call 12 miles away, we'll send them on over."


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