2011 MEAP Reveals Improved Reading Scores for Chippewa Valley

The district saw marked improvement in its reading and math scores, but remains concerned about science.

Despite some declines in the district's 2011 MEAP scores, Chippewa Valley Schools Executive Director of Elementary Education Sue Grenier said, "we feel confident our students will continue to meet and or exceed state and county averages when it comes to the MEAP."

According to 2011 MEAP results released last week, Chippewa Valley students met or exceeded state averages in all grades and test subjects with the exception of third grade math and eighth grade science. 

The district's strongest showing was in reading, where the district saw the percentage of its students rated "proficient," or passing, in this subject actually increase from 2010. 

However, Grenier remains concerned about the district's scores in fifth and eighth grade science.

"We will be analyzing this data to see what instructional improvements can be made," Grenier said. "We offer a challenging curriculum with high expectations for all students and we will continue to focus our efforts on making sure every child is career and college ready."

For the next several weeks, the district and each building will continue to examine the 2011 results and apply additional emphasis or alternative teaching strategies where needed.

"The results must be examined in terms of the grade level prior to MEAP testing since the test is a measure of last year’s learning," Grenier said. "Current year teachers will ensure that students have mastered the concepts that they did not do well on the year before. The review process impacts how and when teachers instruct particular concepts."

With the exception of third grade reading, fourth grade writing, fifth grade science and ninth grade social studies, where the percentage of students rated "proficient" in these areas dropped, all other test areas saw improved scores from 2010 to 2011.

"Most of these are not significant declines and it would be difficult to trace the
reason," Grenier said. "From this point, with the new cut scores, we’ll be looking at trends. Also, starting 2014-15, we will have new tests that match the core standards and they will take place in the spring."

New, more rigorous cut scores were applied for the first time to the 2011 MEAP results, and retroactively applied to previous year’s results for comparison.

2011 MEAP (Grades 3-9)

State District 2010* District 2011 3 Math 36 30 35 3 Reading 62 68 67 4 Math 40 40 40 4 Reading 68 70 77 4 Writing 45 56 53 5 Math 40 37 41 5 Reading 69 72 77 5 Science 15 20 16 6 Math 37 33 39 6 Reading 67 69 76 6 Soc. Studies 28 30 30 7 Math 37 38 42 7 Reading 60 62 65 7 Writing 47 55 55 8 Math 29 28 34 8 Reading 61 60 69 8 Science 16 11 13 9 Soc. Studies 29 30 31

*2010 scores have been re-calculated to reflect the new state-adopted cut scores used on the 2011 MEAP. Numbers are given as percentages of students considered "proficient" or passing.

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