Chippewa Increases Pay-to-Play, Eliminates Noon Kindergarten Transportation

We have a list of the increases and decreases parents, students and faculty will see in Chippewa Valley next year.

In addition to $2 million in reduced spending and $14.5 million in employee concessions, the Chippewa Valley Board of Education also approved further cost-saving measures, including increased fees for pay-to-play and reduced services.

“We kept our focus on our students and did our best to identify cost savings that would have a minimal impact on our current services," said George Sobah, Board of Education vice president, in a release. "With cuts in school funding threatening extra-curricular activities and athletic programs in our district, we had to look for solutions to help preserve these activities.

"While it is difficult to ask our parents to pay any additional cost for extra-curricular activities we felt that giving them the option to do so was better than totally eliminating these opportunities for kids … We also know it’s difficult for our employees to take concessions but it demonstrates their level of commitment to our students and community."

Increases for 2011-12

  • Increase athletic pay-to-participate fee of $50 per sport (increase high school to $175, middle school to $125)
  • Implement pay-to-participate fee for marching band students of $100
  • Consolidation of administrative services with neighboring school district
  • Increase of latchkey rates by 25 cents per hour
  • Increase all community education/enrichment class fees by 3 percent
  • Increase in food service meals by 10 cents and milk by 5 cents

Spending Reductions

  • Reduction of athletic budget expenditures by 15 percent
  • Reduction of central office supply budgets of 10 percent
  • Reduction in textbook budget by 10 percent
  • Bid savings from security services at high school level
  • Reduction in conference budget for employees and reduction in North Central Association (NCA) release time at high school level
  • Eliminate purchase of maintenance vehicles
  • Elimination of noon kindergarten transportation
  • Eliminate Central Office Administrative Positions


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