Chippewa Valley Set to Spend $133 Million in 2011-12

Despite the loss of federal funding, reduced state aid and decreased property tax values, the district will have approximately $145 million in its 2011-12 budget.

Facing a loss of federal funding, reduced state aid and decreased property tax values, Chippewa Valley Schools is anticipating it will have approximately $145 million to spend in the 2011-12 school year.

This is roughly $5 million less than the amount available in 2010-11.

The $145 million figure is made up of the district's estimated local ($19.8 million), state ($103.6 million), federal ($5.2 million) and transfer funds for 2011-12 as well as the funds remaining in the 2010-11 budget ($15.7 million). However, this number will improve based on actual savings this year and the audit.

Of this $145 million, $133.7 million will be used for instruction and support services, including basic programs, operation and maintenance costs, and to pay for instructional staff, general administration and school administration.

These appropriations will go into effect July 1 and by June 30, 2012, approximately $11.5 million should remain in the General Fund.

Because the State Aid Act passed for 2011-12 reduces the per pupil foundation allowance for Chippewa Valley Schools from $7,316 to $6,846 (a reduction of $470 per pupil), and comes in addition to the end of federal ARRA and Edujobs funding, the district has had to make significant reductions in program costs.

This cost savings came in the following forms:

  • with all employee groups in the district–estimated savings more than $7 million.
  • –estimated savings almost $2 million.
  • Amendments to the 2010-11 budget–the district was able to add $436,000 to 2010-11 revenue from the sale of used school buses and $352,000 from an additional Medicaid payment from MISD. The district also spent some $2 million less in 2010-11 due to self-funded health and dental plans and a reduction in its natural gas and electricity budgets.

Food Service Fund

The district estimates there will be some $4 million available to appropriate in the Food Service Fund for the 2011-12 school year, of which $3.7 million will be used to cover wages, employee benefits, food purchases and other expenses.

Building Activities Fund

An estimated $2.7 million will be available to appropriate in the 2011-12 Building Activities Fund, of which $2 million is slated to be spent.

International Academy of Macomb Fund

An approximate $4.6 million is available for appropriation in the IAM Fund, but only $2.8 million is set to be spent on basic instruction, support services and payments to other schools in 2011-12.


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