CV School Board Appoints Kinsey to 7th Seat

Of three final candidates, attorney Euel Kinsey was selected to serve on the Chippewa Valley School Board in the seat formerly occupied by Henry Chiodini.

Initially divided in its votes, the Chippewa Valley School Board finally reached a majority Wednesday night and appointed to the seventh seat on the board.

Kinsey was selected from a pool of six candidates to fill the seat formerly occupied by .

“The recent death of long time board member, Henry Chiodini, was a great loss to the district," Kinsey said. "He will be greatly missed and I cannot hope to fill those shoes …  I asked to be considered for the vacant position because I believe in the importance of giving back to the community and recognize that our district may be facing new financial challenges, based upon recent funding cut proposals proposed by the governor.   

"I believe that the board has done a great job in the past and I look forward to working with them to continue the fine tradition of quality education in our district."

Kinsey’s term will officially begin on April 28 and will run until June 30, 2013, when he must run in the general election to remain in that seat until its term ends in 2015.

"All three (second-round candidates) have the passion we are looking for," said George Sobah, board vice president. "There is no more passion in one than all. All showed an interest in the school district, a love of the community and a willingness to serve."

Members of the board praised Kinsey for his preparedness, knowledge of the district's financial issues and connection with the community, in addition to the passion he showed for the role.

“Euel Kinsey is a dedicated parent and avid supporter of Chippewa Valley Schools," said Ron Roberts, interim superintendent, in a release. "He brings a long history of volunteer service both as an attorney and community member.  His prior experience of serving on several non-profit boards will be an asset to our school district."

Meet Euel Kinsey

An attorney, Kinsey is a longtime resident in the Chippewa Valley School District, having had one daughter graduate with a second still a sophomore at Chippewa Valley High School.

This was Kinsey’s second attempt at appointment to the board.

“I’ve had no inclination or felt compelled to run against anyone,” Kinsey said. “When an opening developed, I offered myself again to the board. This is probably a silly time to get involved because of all the (financial) problems, but I scared myself learning the Local School and Government Fiscal Accountability Act and realizing the Catch-22 of the governor’s proposed budget.”

Kinsey said he believes his background in law will assist the board in the coming months as the state government continues its financial assessment of school districts.

“Unofficially, I’m not sure how constitutional some of these provisions in the law are and I’m not sure where the battles are going to be fought,” he said. “I don’t know how this is going to play out. When Proposal A was enacted, Chippewa got the short straw …  I fear politics right now. To some extent, it seems as if education, for some reason, seems to be something that the legislature thinks it can do without. We have all of these federal mandates, and yet they’re leaving us without the tools.”

Kinsey said if selected, he would be interested in running in the 2013 election.

When his daughters were younger, Kinsey helped coach Science Olympiad and support the band program and he continues to provide behind-the-scenes legal support for PTOs and nonprofits in the community.  

“I’ve led and I’ve followed,” he said. “My leadership style would be as a consensus builder. I’m not a bull in a china shop. I look at all sides of a problem and look for the best in a situation.”

Kinsey currently works as an attorney with McKeen & Associates in Detroit. His experience includes working as an assistant prosecuting attorney for the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office and as a litigation attorney.

He is also an experienced pilot who serves on the board of directors of Lifeline Pilots, a non-profit organization that provides free transportation for non-emergency medical patients and their families, covering a 15-state region, including Michigan.

He is currently serving as a member of the Governing Council in the Aviation Law Section of the State Bar of Michigan.


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