University of Phoenix to Phase Out, Close Macomb Learning Center on Hall Road

The University of Phoenix has announced it is closing 115 locations across the U.S., including the Macomb Learning Center.

The Macomb Learning Center on Hall Road is one of 115 University of Phoenix locations slated to close in the coming months.

The for-profit university recently announced its plans to phase out and eventually close eight of the 10 Phoenix campuses and learning centers it operates in the State of Michigan.

Tanya Flynn, spokeswoman from the university, said that while the Macomb Learning Center at 19176 Hall Rd. in Clinton Township is no longer accepting new enrollments, the approximately 100 students currently enrolled will be able to finish their programs at that location, or at a facility nearby.

Flynn stressed that the university is not closing its campuses, but rather phasing them out, giving students "a variety of options" to complete their degree programs.

University spokesperson Alex Clark told MLive.com that the decision to close these facilities is related to a continued drop in enrollment. While current enrollment is around 328,000 students nationwide, this number is down from the university's peak of 400,000. New student enrollment in degree programs has decreased by 13.7 percent, according to MLive.com.

“Nearly 70 percent of the university’s students are now enrolling in online courses across the nation,” Clark told MLive.com. “We did an extensive study and we looked where we didn’t have students enrolling anymore."

Online programs will continue to be offered, but the University of Phoenix will phase out its brick and mortar offerings from this point forward.

Closing the 115 campuses is expected to save the University of Phoenix around $300 million, which Clark said will be reinvested in technology and virtual classes.

Flynn said the Detroit and Southfield centers will continue to operate classroom programs, but will be the only two in the state to do so. It is unknown at this time how the phase out will affect staff at the Clinton Township location, Flynn added.

Students with questions regarding the phase out can call the University of Phoenix at 866-992-3302.


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