VIDEO: 60-Foot Wind Turbine Raised at Endeavor Middle School

The latest tool supporting New Haven Community Schools' alternative energy curriculum is the 60-foot wind turbine that was installed behind Endeavor Middle School Tuesday afternoon.

Amid applause, whistles and shouts of "turn, turn, turn" by one very enthused New Haven student, Endeavor Middle School's new 60-foot wind turbine was raised into place Tuesday afternoon.

The turbine, made possible through a partnership with Energy Works Michigan, is part of , which also includes the study of biofuels and solar energy.

Although data from the turbine became available almost the instant it was installed, the curriculum built around this information will not be fully implemented until next school year.

At that point, all students in the district will have access to the turbine's data regardless of whether they are a K-8 student at Endeavor Middle School or attend one of New Haven's other schools.

"The main purpose (of the turbine) is the curriculum behind it," said New Haven Superintendent Keith Wunderlich. "This is the future and we want our kids to be a part of that."

Thus far, 12 New Haven elementary and middle school teachers have been trained to teach wind power in the alternative energy curriculum. They in turn will train other teachers throughout the district this year and next, said Endeavor Principal David Rayes.

While the turbine is a learning tool first, Wunderlich said it will generate electricity that will be used to power Endeavor. Through a special arrangement with DTE, electricity generated by the turbine will be used in the school building prior to that provided by DTE.

Watch Windemuller Electric of Traverse City assemble and raise the turbine in this video.


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