Random Acts of Kindness Run Rampant in Macomb

We've searched our archives and found a series of good deeds and random acts of kindness that prove the Christmas spirit of selfless giving is alive and well in Macomb Township – and not just in December.

In a world where the evening news carries reports of death, destruction and violence in every corner of the globe, on Christmas Day, of all days, we need a little reminder that the world isn't as bad we fear.

During the past year, the acts of thousands of Macomb Township residents have made an impact on the life of friends, family, and strangers. While some of these random acts of kindness and good deeds have been covered by Patch and other news organizations, most will only ever be known to the people directly affected.

This Christmas Day, we hope to refresh your memory of the acts we've learned about in the hope they'll renew your belief in the goodness of others, while inspiring you to reach out on your own. To paraphrase a familiar saying: To the world, your kindness may be one act, but to one person, that act may be the world.

This morning, Macomb Township's own drove a U-Haul filled with toys, clothes and food to the Mound Road Housing Projects. Making his trip for the 20th year today, this Santa C., as he is known to projects' residents, says the impact he has made on these people's lives is nothing to the impact they have made on his.

For the 33rd year, the Macomb Township-based Macomb Charitable Foundation has rallied to more than 450 homeless and in-need children in Macomb County. Hundreds of individuals, businesses and schools volunteer to serve as sponsors every year despite the knowledge they will remain anonymous to the children they aid.

Less than two months ago, when learned her friend's 11-year-old son had been diagnosed with his second cancer, she reached out to the local community and beyond to have 1,000 cards sent to the boy in support. When the drive was over, more than 5,000 cards from around the world had been collected.

And then there are those whose random acts of kindness will never be known to the greater community. Following an article on Patch about the Goddard School's efforts to raise $4,800 for a Rainbow Connection child, needed to fulfill the child's wish.

From to harvest fresh fruits and vegetables for "The Well" Soup Kitchen, to an elementary teacher who has , there is no limit to community services in this community.

And the list goes on, with too many to name. 

Macomb Township is home four school districts, countless and , by the dozens, and most importantly, more than 80,000 people.

If 80,000 people performed one act of kindness each, what a world of difference that would make.

Happy Holidays!


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