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Hello, I'm a longtime Macomb resident. Okay, not quite as long as the folks at Wiegand's nursery or Goldie's Saloon, etc. but I do remember planes flying over my house every 4 minutes at the Berz-Macomb.  I am dad to two beautiful, darling daughters in the Chippewa Valley schools.  I am an attorney.  I graduated from Boston College, in Mass.  I have a degree in English literature and a minor in Education.  I attended law school in Detroit, and also in France (I speak French - mais oui!) and at times I have been a teacher, editor, reporter (St Petersburg Times/Poynter Institute, www.poynter.org), and actor (www.AvonPlayers.org).  I like to bike and play cards, act in theatre productions, and write.  I am active in local governmental affairs and charitable causes, and I am a parishioner at St. Isidore. I love to watch movies and read foreign newspapers, and I can quote any line from any movie and identify any country on a globe! I can beat anyone at Trivial Pursuit.  My law firm is at www.MarcilAttorney.com and my phone number is 586-412-0444. I'd love to hear from you, anytime!
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